Destination Wellness

Has this happened to you? You’re burned out from life obligations and stress or just want to escape the weather where you live, you feel the need to get away – to take a vacation. So you plan, prepare and go away for a few days or more, only to return home feeling like you need a vacation from the vacation! You vow to get your diet back on track, drink less alcohol and hit the gym to “un-do” what you’ve done which was supposed to help you “chill-lax.”

What if I told you that you can not only get away, but return home energized and feeling so much healthier and even happier than when you left? And what’s more, you’ll accumulate great new ideas and tools, information and knowledge to bring that healthiness home with you?   Welcome to: Destination Wellness.

Join me on the retreat vacation of your dreams where you engage in your favorite fitness activities; dine on nutritious cuisine, learning how to cook that way at home; melt away stress with luxurious body treatments and find your Zen with like-minded individuals. You may even expand your horizons by exploring other cultures.  Flex your mind and body and let yourself experience how great you can feel from a wellness “get away” – because whether you’re home or on vacation, There’s No Place Like Health.

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