Corporate Consulting


Colleen GergColleen’s expertise in project development and training results in increased employee health and wellness, lowering bottom line health care costs. Colleen has advised several global companies in creating large scale wellness programs, trained their employees, conducted wellness workshops as well as live, in-person and webinar presentations. As a nutrition consultant for Cognizant Inc.,  she trained the health coaching staff in supporting members of a 150-person pilot study utilizing the FitBit tracking device.

Colleen’s engaging and warm yet dynamic presentation style draws audiences in and motivates and empowers them to make healthy eating, fitness and behavioral changes.


Services include:

  • Health coach training
  • Webinar development and presentation
  • Create and implement Weight Management protocol program
  • Wellness Team creation and management
  • Create Executive personal fitness training and yoga programs
  • Provide informational nutrition “lunch and learn” presentations
  • Individual Nutrition Counseling

Past and Present Clients:

  • Campbell Soup
  • Kelloggs
  • National Sugar Assoc.
  • Quaker Oats
  • Tropicana
  • Apple & Eve
  • Showtime Enterprises
  • Carmen Group, LLC
  • Privia Health, LLC
  • Rise
  • Cognizant Technology